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Family | Love | Respect

Grappling-Lab Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Club is a family gym located in Howick Bridge Club’s basement. Everyone is welcome to join and learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in its old school values and aspects.

We represents FIT Sid Jacintho in New Zealand, part of BJJ FIT Association, Fabricio International Team


Not sure about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?! Come for a trail class to give it ago.


By joining Grappling-Lab BJJ club, over 20 years of high level grappling experience will be your assistant.

Learn & Practise

We will ensure that members learn techniques that are within their skill level and our training instructions.Sparring is part of your BJJ development, we will guid you to have the best practise to advance your grappling journey.


Through consistent training, you will achieve good results in advancing your grappling game.

What is BJJ?

Also known as “The Gentle Art | The Game of Human Chess”, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a grappling martial art that focuses on ground fighting. It does not involve any striking techniques. BJJ has its roots in traditional Japanese Jiu-Jitsu and Judo. BJJ isn’t some sort of magic and doesn’t require extreme strength, speed, or athleticism. Instead, it’s a struggle between two people using positioning, leverage, and momentum. The person who uses them best has a huge edge over the opponent.No matter what position or situation you’re in on the ground, all techniques rely on concepts like base, posture, structure, leverage, framing, and control of the momentum.In BJJ core concepts you will learn how to apply these concepts directly to your grappling, with many concrete examples to shortcut your way to the top.

BJJ for better life experience

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is not just a martial art, it helps you learn to adjust your mindset, rather than avoiding the inevitable problem, you learn to adapt and adjust to it to minimize the adverse effects and maximize the positive. In many ways, this is the underlying aspect of many philosophies that try and promote happier and more fulfilling lives.

Hasan’s BJJ Lineage

Brazilian Jiu jitsu is one of the most effective forms of martial arts proven over and over again. Like any other martial arts, it is important to value the origin and the lineage of your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in order to keep its integrity and essence throughout the generations. If the purity of the martial art is diluted with time through unprepared commercial gyms or unrecognised instructors who may spread the art wrongly and dilute it to a commercial insignificant art form the essence, the strength of the fighting art may lost forever.

We at Grappling-Lab BJJ Club are proud of teaching authentic Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to a new generation of students.

Professor Hasan is a 1st degree Black Belt under master Sid Jacintho, he also was gratefull to receive his training in ADCC under few masters who use to handle the team’s training in ADCC throughout the years (check out the maps below), before moving to New Zealand where his BJJ journey is still ongoing.

Lineage: Mitsuyo Maeda > Carlos Gracie SR > Osvaldo Alves > Fabricio Martins > Sid Jacintho > Hasan Chahoud

My Primary BJJ Lineage

ADCC & NZ’s BJJ Combined

Do I need to be fit to start?

There is a wide variety of BJJ students in terms of physical fitness, ability, age and body type. Everyone trains according to their abilities and with time physical fitness will improve provided training is consistent. Through regular practice, tremendous physical improvements and a high fitness level can be achieved.



About us

Grappling-Lab Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Club is the official representer of FIT Sid Jacintho in New Zealand, BJJ FIT Association – Fabricio International Team. Hasan, the head coach of Grappling-Lab BJJ in Howick is a 1st degree Black belt under master Sid Jacintho.Hasan have got over 21 years of grappling experience which started back in 2001 in ADCC Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi Combat Club). Over 13 years training in Abu Dhabi started first with a freestyle wrestling training under Alexander Savko (Sasha, the bulldozer), also with Peter Baltaliyski and Lubomir Guedjev. A year later, he joined also the next BJJ training mat where he had a great opportunity to train under old school Brazilian masters in Abu Dhabi who used to look after the team throughout the years. Hasan received his BJJ training in ADCC under masters Carlos Santos, Suyan Queiroz, Olavo Abreu, Sid Jacinto (from 2007 to 2013) and Alex Paz besides Mohd Jehad, Marcelo Motta, Ricardo Fraenkel.

After moving to New Zealand with his family in 2013, he continues Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training in a couple of BJJ schools in Auckland, he joined DSteam and then moved to SorrisoBJJ where he keep training until he received his BJJ Black Belt from master Paulo Sorriso.

End of 2014 Hasan was invited by his master Sid in Abu Dhabi to come and receive his Black Belt, invitation meant a lot for him but traveling was not an option at that time, training never stops regardless because at the ends ‘Belts are only good for holding-up your pants’.

At Grappling-Lab you will learn pure BJJ instruction, we are aiming to make champions in life and over the mat as will. You and your family members are welcome to join us.

“Highly recommend this club for both kids and adult BJJ classes. Coming from a martial arts background I looked around different establishments before settling on grappling-lab and Professor Hasan’s gym. The environment is welcoming, the instructions to the kids are top notch (and it shows in their competition results). The adult classes are well structured and you feel safe rolling with much much higher grade guys as a newbie. There are no egos in this club, just a desire to learn and to teach from the team. All martial arts gym should be like this one!” ~ Tom Hsieh

“As a woman who has never done sports, trying BJJ was scary and overwhelming, but Hasan and the rest of the team made things easier for me. They have an amazing gym culture where everyone is supportive, patient and understanding. Along with my husband and son, Grappling Lab Howick made us fall in love with BJJ!” ~ Karen Cazar

“My children met the best teacher. He is very good at Jiu-Jitsu, and he always teaches children at the children’s level. My kids are lucky to meet the teacher here If you want to learn Jiu-Jitsu, I highly recommend this school.” ~ SK P

“I trained with Hassan for a couple of months while I was living in Auckland, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with him and the team. Hassan is a very attentive and thoughtful instructor who gives special attention to everyone in the class and their needs. He explains things very carefully and is very inviting of questions or thoughts people have. Hassan’s style of jiu jitsu is built on solid fundamentals which just work. He also has great standup and wrestling which he incorporates into many of his classes. Everyone who trains there as an adult is a thoroughly decent person, and the kids team is growing quickly which is great to see. It may be a smaller club, but that is the beauty of it. You get lots of quality instruction time from a black belt, which can be hard to come by. The classes are well structured and Hassan is sure to spend several classes on one position, teaching a few techniques from there, and puts a lot of focus on situational sparring, which really means you come away with the techniques truly drilled into your mind. The club is extremely beginner friendly and has a super welcoming and inclusive family environment. It’s a wonderful place to learn and have fun while you’re doing it. On top of all of this, it’s extremely reasonably priced, which to me just demonstrates the club’s focus on the love of the sport and the art rather than making money for the sake of it. Don’t hesitate to join!” ~ Kiran Marshall

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